On 9 and 10 August in Picinisco, co-inciding with the Feast of S. Lorenzo, the Patron Saint , there’s the PASTORIZIA IN FESTIVAL, a festival recognised nationally for remembering “the fruits of the pasture” of this wonderful land. The focal point is Pecorino DOP from Picinisco along with many other high quality local products. The Festival also wants to let people understand all the work behind the production stages of pastoralism, from tradition to modern times, and with the “Little shepherds work” initiative it wants to teach children that this millenary work is still the basis of many local economies. And, of course, there is food, drink, music and dancing.

10 August 2017: (Thursday) Patron Saint San Lorenzo Levite and martyr - 10.00 Solemn Celebration of the Eucharist, followed by the devout and traditional procession of the patron saint San Lorenzo through the streets of the old town.

16 August 2017: Feast of the Relics of Picinisco followed by the devout and traditional procession of the Relics through the streets of the old town.

18-22 August is the annual pilgrimage to the Basilica della Madonna di Canneto. Join the pilgrims from all over Central Italy and from other parts of the world - and celebrate with them in music. food and wine as they pause on their journey in Picinisco

20 August 2017: (Sunday) Feast of Santa Maria - 08.00 Holy Mass Parish Church of San Lorenzo, follow the procession of the Madonna "Santa Maria", the Church of the Cemetery. - 10.00 Holy Mass at the Church of Santa Maria, Picinisco. - 19.00 Holy Mass, at the church of the cemetery followed by the traditional and devout procession of the image of the Virgin towards the Parish Church with the "panegyric" in Piazza Ernesto Capocci.
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