What we do?

The Millennium Foundation is a legally constituted Scottish charity regulated by the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator. Our aim of the is to celebrate this important anniversary with the people of Picinisco, their descendants and their neighbours in Val di Comino, in Abruzzo and in Molise who, through necessity or opportunity, have left this territory to settle in nearly every corner of the world. 

The celebrations will be religious, social and cultural, but at the same time we would hope the mood would allow us to contribute to some permanent recognition of our history, our achievements, our culture and our future - all to give pride and hope to our young that in this forgotten corner of Central Italy, the future is bright as WE STAND ON THE SHOULDERS OF OUR PARENTS AND GRANDPARENTS.

We propose a series of Fundraising projects and events. Full disclosure will be made of funds raised and how they are spent. This is a legal requirement of a charity registered in Scotland but also the wish of the committee.

The Committee organising these events will take no payment whatsoever for their involvement. Any surplus funds raised will be contributed to Charities chosen by the contributors, which we shall organise through a vote.

The Foundation is working closely with the Comune di Picinisco, the Parish Priest of S. Lorenzo, the Pro Loco di Picinisco, Association Volo del Angelo, Gruppo Musicale Folk De Calamus and others.