Restoration of the San Lorenzo Archive

The Registers of Births, Deaths and Marriages of San Lorenzo in Picinisco are some of the most important and complete archivial records for genealogists interested in this area. They start in the 1560's - initiated on the instructions of the Council of Trent and have been kept consistently until now. Over frequent reference apart from old age have left much of the registers in a delicate condition. Investigation is being carried out by a professional restorer, who has already completed the restoration of one volume, to determine the cost of restoration. Part of the project would include professional photocopies being taken, which would permit more access being allowed to the public, without damage being done to the originals.


Bronze Doors for San Lorenzo

San Lorenzo, Martyr, is patron saint of Picinisco and the Bellower of the Church is one of the oldest structures which remain in the town. It would be fitting to be able to provide Bronze Doors to the Church as a fitting and lasting memorial to the Millennium and also a symbol of the hope which we have in the future for the town.


New Exhibition

Approval has been obtained from the Public Records of Scotland and the Organisers of the Arandora Star Exhibition to combine these into a new exhibition, which we hope to bring to Picinisco, Barga, then perhaps to the Ciociara Club in Windsor and to other clubs and organisations in other parts of the world.


Red Hot Chilli Pipers: Haggis, Neeps, Tatties and a Nip of Whisky

We hope to celebrate the links between Scotland and Picinisco with a visit by the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and a taste of Scotland during 2017.


Publication of Books

The Committee are investigating the publication of :-

  • Cara Francesca (Italian translation of award-winning Recipe & Family History book) - Dear Francesca by Mary Contini
  • Libro di Ricette Locale (80+ already collected)
  • Vocabulario Piciniscano by Vittorio Fabrizio
  • An Album of Historical Photos


Choir Competition

The Committee are hoping to organise a Choir competition to celebrate the success of the Picinisco Choir and its achievements since its establishment only 3 years ago.



The Committee are in discussion with the Comune regarding the preparation of Illuminated Pottery Plaque or Illumination with your family name and the Logo of the Comune of Picinisco {with the date your family name first appears in the Records of S. Lorenzo?}. Illuminated Pottery Plaque or Illumination with your Business Name to be displayed outside your Premises with the title “Amico DOC di Picinisco”. Details and prices will be published as soon as available.


Art Exhibitions

The Committee are in discussion with a local artist and with an English artist, whose family originate from Picinisco, regarding art exhibitions to be held during the Millennium celebrations. Further details of each of these projects will be announced as soon as available.


Statue Competition

We are investigating a competition be organised to design a Statue commemorating Emigration from Picinisco and Val di Comino which could be sponsored by families, recording on a plinth the name of individuals, date of emigration, place of emigration and what he/she achieved.