Picinisco: Uncovering 1000 Years of History by Virginia Arcari.

Has now been published and is available on Amazon. Virginia has very generously committed the whole proceeds from the book to the Millennium Foundation. Thank you Virginia. "Long ago in Picinisco, People could reach the age of 120 with eyesight so perfect they could easily thread a needle, even though they had no teeth to eat crusts of bread! Shepherds navigated the moonlit moutainside with skills that rivaled ancient mariners! Men, women and children and even animals wore amulets to protect against the "evil eye"! Imagine living on top of a mountain in southern Italy with the rolling landscape of the beautiful Comino Valley at your feet. The sounds of rushing rivers bringing freezing cold water from the snow-capped mountains glistening in the distance and the wind whistling through the lush dark forests. Bells peal from the Church to call everyone from their fields for a mid-day repast. How did it come to pass that a town was built on an isolated mountaintop 1000 years ago? What was it like to live on a feudal estate in the Kingdom of Naples? How did the people there make a living? Was it dangerous? What did they eat? What happened if they got sick? At least some of the answers are inside this book and you do not have to speak Italian to find them!"