Stain Glass Window for S. Rocco

S. Rocco in Piazza Capocci is with S. Lorenzo and S. Maria (at the Cemetery) one of the three remaining churches in the centre of Picinisco in use today. Its current structure dates from the 1700’s.

Last year, in the Piazza, it was suggested to Maralyn O’Keefe who has a traditional stain glass window design business in County Durham in England, that she carry out a design for the window of S. Rocco. Maralyn and her husband Ron, bought a house in Antica some years ago. She readily accepted and after a few months, we received sufficient promises of funding to allow this to be commissioned.

For those who can’t remember, here is a photo of the window as it looks now, of the initial design and of the design in preparation. The design has been approved by Don Edmer Eronga, Parish Priest and by Marco Scappaticci, Sindaco.