Invoices Paid

20 October 2016

Anne C McCrory

Design and Develoment of Website

Total price of the website is: £1000.00

9 November 2016

Maralyn O’Keefe Traditional Stained Glass

To: Consult, design and make a stained glass window to the given specifications to commemorate Picinisco’s Millennium.

Window sizes:
2 panels each 71cm (28") X 82cm (32.28") = 12.55sq.ft
2 panels each 71cm (28") X 153cm (60.24") = 23.43sq.ft
Total area 35.98sq.ft.

Total price of the window is: £7915.60.

24 February 2017

Paramount Design. Printing of Millennium Brochure (No Charge for Design and Layout Costs) £606 (inc VAT)