PICINISCO, VAL DI COMINO 1017 -2017. An important anniversary for the town and all our neighbours.

In 2017, Picinisco, one of the towns which lie in Val di Comino, will celebrate its first Millennium. While undoubtedly older, the first mention of Picinisco is to be found in a document dated 6 March 1017, when the Princes of Capua restored to the Abbey of Montecassino the Monastery of S. Valentino to be found in the "Contea" di Comino in the area called Picinisco.

Val di Comino itself is, to coin a phrase, a Borgo Diffuso a town dispersed around the Valley in around a dozen districts each with a slightly different character and history. This celebration marks an important anniversary not only for Picinisco but also for the whole of Val di Comino, and our neighbours in Cassino, Sora, Filignano and, of course in the Ciociaria generally.

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To develop

projects and events to celebrate the first Millennium of Picinisco in Val di Comino in 2017.


To promote

art, music and the culture of Val di Comino and the former Terra di Lavoro.


To advocate

Italian heritage, language & citizenship.

To communicate

with the Comune of Picinisco, the Pro Loco, other local organisations in Val di Comino as well as the Church to promote harmony.

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